Old Sergeants Mess SC

The Old Sergeants Mess  is a happy, vibrant and sociable club dedicated to the sport of   shooting.   The club is Home Office Approved, so we can accept membership applications

from people new to shooting sports, as well as those more seasoned shooters.


The Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club (OSMSC) offers members, regular shooting

(3 or 4 times a month), tuition in a variety of disciplines (Rifles and Shotguns), probationary courses, support for all shooting activities and a character clubhouse.  All this with firearms storage, armoury services, quality catering and member services, making the OSMSC a

very good place to be.


The club is located on the National Shooting Centre of Great Britain, in Bisley, Surrey,

GU24 0NY.

Tel:  01483 799998    E-Mail:  Info@osmshootingclub.co.uk

“A good shot is a safe shot”